High-tech Zone Forest chief office, river chief office to carry out "cherish river and lake protection of trees" - forest chief system, river chief system into the campus publicity activities

来源:   时间: 2023-10-23 15:39
  To further strengthen the education of ecological civilization,Publicize and popularize the knowledge of river chief system and forest chief system,Create a good atmosphere to cherish rivers and lakes and protect trees,Strengthen young people's awareness of rational use and conservation of resources,The Forest chief Office and the River Chief Office of Jilin High-tech Zone are closely related to the theme of the third "Jilin Ecological Day",The publicity activities of the forest chief system and the river chief system into the campus were carried out。Information group composed of members of the Forest Chief Office and the River Chief Office,He went to Jilin Songhuajiang Middle School and Gaoxin Experimental Primary School,More than 200 teachers and students took PPT lectures, hanging banners, distributing posters, environmental protection souvenirs, and on-site questions and answers to carry out publicity work,More than 2,000 copies of publicity materials made by forest chief and river chief were distributed on site。

  In terms of forest-growth system, it starts with forest resource protection and related knowledge of forest-growth system,Explain to the students in detail,Forestry science popularization knowledge such as forest chief system, forest fire prevention and wildlife protection will be sent into the campus and into the classroom,The students have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the work of forester system,Further enhance the students' awareness of protecting forest resources and ecological environment。

  River length system: from the protection of mother river, water resources protection, river length system related knowledge,The origin and background of the river chief system are introduced,The new achievements of the river chief system in recent years are described,Actively guide the majority of teachers and students to cherish water resources, care for water environment, and protect water ecology,Strive to be the "small guardian" of river protection,To contribute to the protection of Mother River。
  Through this activity, the students have a clearer understanding of the increasingly severe environmental situation, more profound understanding, but also aware of the importance and urgency of ecological environmental protection, have said that in the future will start from their own, from the daily small things, practice green life, and jointly protect the ecological environment。